Here’s the thing about pricing and packages. While wedding planning, consulting, & inspiration boards are truly what I love, it’s not my full-time job (you can get that whole story under the “about” tab). So since this isn’t my full-time job, pricing and level of involvement varies with each bride.

I’ve done weddings where the only thing I did was meet with the bride prior to the wedding, got the general gist for everything & ran it the day of.

I’ve been a part of planning a wedding from the second the ring went on the finger to the tearing down of the reception site.

And everything in between. So if you’re simply looking for someone to bounce ideas of, help finding vendors [I have a pretty awesome rec-list, I won't lie], or someone to be an integral part of your day, I’m more than willing to have whatever level of involvement you desire me to have. 

So I can’t necessarily lay out a pretty page of pricing and packages. How involved I am is up to you. I base my pricing off of a percentage of your budget and how much time and energy is going into working with you.

Please contact me anytime, we can chat about what you’re looking for, and find the best way to make your wedding planning process and day of as simple and stress-free as possible.