"When I got engaged I was so excited to plan a wedding. As I started to get everything together I realized there were so many things that went into a wedding that I could not possibly manage them all. I needed somebody the day of to be filled in on all my dreams and ideas so they could run the show and I could enjoy the day. I knew my friend Blake was perfect for the job. I knew that Blake was great at party planning and had awesome ideas. She listened to all the ideas I had for what the day would look like and helped me work out all the kinks in my plan. She asked me detail questions that I never thought about but was so grateful she did like, "What time do you want to be announced at the reception?". She went with me multiple times to the art gallery where we were getting married and helped me think through where everything should go and how the day should look so it would be as smooth and simple as possible. I could not have done the wedding day without her. She got there early and decorated the way I wanted. She was there to greet the people setting up chairs and tables, the caterer, the lady who made the cake and the photographer. She ran the ceremony and reception beautifully by telling people when to walk down the aisle and organizing the toast, cake cutting, and final dance. She was such a huge blessing to my wedding day. She is great at organizing and loving on people through weddings. I would recommend Blake to anyone who needs a fun wedding planner who is on top of her game. She was amazing!"
-Lauren Crenshaw Zito

"Where do I begin? Blake was such a wonderful blessing on my special day!  When my now-husband and I began discussing everything that goes into getting married, we knew we would need someone to oversee the numerous details, crazy bridesmaids, and question-filled caterers.  We both immediately thought of Blake.  We knew she was the combination of levelheaded and tenacious that would help make our wedding day a success.  Each time we met before the big day, she was professional, kind, and patient with my endless requests and general bridezilla-ness.  I gave her printed schedules, lists of duties, names, phone numbers, etc., and she took it all in stride.  When our wedding day finally arrived, I can't express how wonderful it was to let go of the stress and enjoy every minute.  I was completely confident in her ability to handle everything, even unexpected problems that might have arisen.  I will always be grateful for how she enabled me to enjoy one of the happiest days of my life."
-Blythe Adams Picard